7 Card Stud Tips and Tricks

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The form of poker known as seven card stud is not as popular as the dominantly played Texas Hold’ em. Seven card stud was once a very popular game among poker players. Today, the game is mainly played by the old timers of poker and a few “curious” online poker players, but seven card stud can be highly enjoyable and a nice getting a break from the custom two card games.

Seven card stud requires much strategy and involves players to have great discipline and knowledge of a plethora of concepts at the same time. With the extra betting round seven card stud is even harder to analyze than Texas Hold’ em. Guidelines in poker all come with exceptions; and the player must know how to identify these exceptions while holding the basic fundamentals that make a successful seven card stud player. Identical to Texas Hold’ em in certain ways seven card stud players must maintain composure and be able to read opponents effectively. Judging mannerisms and reactions are key in predicting the opponents’ next move and using that knowledge to steal the advantage.

Third street in seven card stud is one of the most important decision making times. By this point you should know which hands to play or fold. If lucky enough to receive trips always raise, raise these hands because the chances of winning big are substantial. Premium pairs, concealed pairs, split pairs are the next best hands to start with. Always be watchful of your opponents’ boards. If you possess a pair of Queens and another player is showing an ace and another player has a king showing, know the situation and where you stand. There may even be times when you have to fold a hand that is considered a good hand because the chance of someone else having a better hand.

By the fourth and fifth street if you’re still in hand you have a few signs pointing towards what other players have so based on this consider you’re in’s and out’s carefully. For example, if the card needed are showing on more than just one player’s board, it’s imperative to consider folding that hand. A simple tip to remember is that if by the fifth street your hand hasn’t progressed it’s time to fold. Contrary to that tip if you believe you possess the best hand, raise, raise, raise. Raising will drive straight and flush chasers away from your winnings, avoid giving them the “free cards”.

Basically, play smart and shoot for the heart of your opponents, use your instincts, your opponents’ weaknesses, and play with poise.

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